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The science of UVC

Boston University

“Our test results shows after UV-C radiation, viruses were completely inactivated: In a matter of seconds we could no longer detect any virus.”

Halper, M. (2020, June 16) Read more
Columbia University

“Scientists have known for decades that germicidal UV light has the capacity to kill viruses and bacteria.”

Cantor, C. (2020, April 21) Read more
Fraunhofer IBP

“Tests in a recreated classroom show that the number of viruses drops by 99% after using a UVC air purifier.”

Prof. Dr. Gunnar Grün (2020, March 12) Read more

“UV-C light is the most effective. UV-C disables the murine hepatitis virus (MHV) coronavirus quickly and easily in aerosols.”

RIVM (2020, June) Read more


Private wellness in the safest environment

Dagmar Fabels – Soak Urban Wellness

Reducing risks through a healthier (work) environment

Martijn Materek - Servion Groep

Effectively fighting the Covid-19 virus

Martijn Huve - Trendata

Thanks to the ViroPower we can focus 100% on expedition again

Joran Wiemer - Transheroes

How it works

  • Reduces contamination risk and makes indoor gatherings safe
  • UVC light most effective (99.99%) against viruses and bacteria (also mutations)
  • HEPA13 filters (99.95%) of pollen and fine dust
  • Healthy air reduces sick leave (25%) and increases productivity (15%)