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TurtL: Extra measures to allow people to exercise safely indoors

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One of the sectors most affected by the Corona crisis is Fitness, mainly gyms. Plus, those that can't relocate their activities outside.

Even though those in the Netherlands believe that sports can increase the resistance towards the virus, improve health conditions, and decrease the burden on health professionals, the Dutch government hasn't reopened gyms or indoor personal training.

Yet, there are gym owners who have come with creative solutions while keeping healthy regulations in mind. One of them is Robert Vervloet, the person behind the TurtL formula, who also owns a gym with the same name in Enschede.

The Turtl personal training concept revolves around Slow Motion High-Intensity Training. It is a well-known form of personal training throughout the Netherlands.

Vervloet: "We find air quality very important for our TurtL personal training locations. Especially in this day and age.

Our customers find it astonishing that they can train in an environment where - certified HEPA filters - the chances of coming in to contact with pollen are very low. Moreover, the probability of bacteria and virus contamination is down thanks to UVC light.

Safety first is our top priority. We were looking for a solution, and after several discussions, we chose the ViroPower.

The product arrived quickly, adequately packaged, and was easy to install. It is truly "plug and play". I can recommend it to any gym."

Do you, like TurtL Nederland, want to go that extra mile to improve the air quality? Click here to request advice from one of our advisers.