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How do UVC air purifiers work against COVID-19?

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Mark Rouwhorst Mark Rouwhorst

Before 2020, most office buildings thanked their air purifying systems for eradicating that coffee smell. Sometimes their air cleaning systems were simply windows. But since the spread of COVID-19, there’s been a call for greater air quality. Not just to create a comfortable working environment — but more importantly a safe one. 

Before allowing everyone back to work, there’s some work to be done in spaces like offices and waiting rooms. How can you ensure that your office won't become a breeding ground for viruses like COVID-19? 

One of the measures you need to take, will be dealing with the air quality in your building. To that end, UVC air purifiers can be a great tool. Here’s how it works. 

How do viruses spread?

To understand how to effectively battle viruses, you need to learn how they work. As for COVID-19, it can be transmitted by touch and through air. Research is still being conducted, but some results show that it can survive up to three hours in aerosols in the air. 

When we breathe, speak, sing, cough and sneeze, we produce very small droplets called aerosols. The most common way people become infected with SARS-CoV-2 is by coming into contact with aerosols that carry the virus. That’s why keeping distance is not the only measure that should be taken.

UVC air purifier protection against aerosols

There are many ways to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus through these aerosols. However, the best way to reduce these airborne viral components is to destroy them.

Important aspects here are ventilation and UV radiation. And while it sounds easy to open a window and let in sunlight, this method doesn’t work, because sunlight does not contain UVC light. UVC light is blocked by the Ozone layer in the atmosphere.

How can UVC air purifiers help against COVID-19?

A direct antimicrobial approach, such as with ultraviolet C (UVC) light, is one of the ways you can fight COVID-19. UVC light is a well-known means of disinfecting air, water and other surfaces. This type of light has been used for almost 100 years to reduce the spread of bacteria, such as tuberculosis, and to reduce the number of infections after surgery.

Moreover, recent studies have shown that UVC light can destroy the outer layer of the Coronavirus, after which the virus dies.

How do UVC air purifiers work? 

They don’t filter out harmful components — they destroy them. UVC air purifiers treat the air flowing past the lamps immediately, with UVC light. How does this work? 

One of the systems that does this, is the ViroPower. It is a mobile device that cleans the air and does so with a dust filter, HEPA filter and UVC light. The ViroPower draws in surrounding, polluted air and gets rid of dust mites, pollen, pet dander and other allergens via the two filters.

The air then passes through a special, insulated compartment with UVC lamps. This UVC light destroys pathogens and microorganisms found in it, such as the Coronavirus (Covid-19). 

Back to work?

We’re here to help. Contact ViroPower to discover how we can help you create a safe environment for your employees and visitors.