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Mark Rouwhorst Mark Rouwhorst

ArboLink is a full-service employee benefit, HRM & occupational health and safety services provider. Tasks such as improving employee benefits, counselling sick employees within the framework of the Gatekeeper Improvement Act, reintegration of people, HRM services and outplacement processes are the speciality of this service-oriented company.

Manuela Bijl, register case manager absenteeism: "Of course we not only have an eye for our customers but our own employees as well. ArboLink uses the slogan that prevention is better than cure, and the ViroPower is an example of this. By equipping the space in which colleagues are working with the Dr. Müller ViroPower 6000, the air quality in the offices has improved immensely. The air purifier not only removes viruses and bacteria from the air but also ensures that pollen, allergens and other particles do not stand a chance. The machine is also ideal for hay fever patients or people who suffer from shortness of breath."

Because ArboLink also likes to show its customers what the possibilities are in the field of prevention, they have equipped their ViroPower with a personalised front plate. As a result, the device perfectly matches the brand's identity that has been implemented throughout the building. In addition to their own employees, they also offer the ViroPower for all their customers. Everything to keep customers and their employees healthy and to prevent illness instead of curing them.

Prevention is better than cure. We keep our people healthy with clean air