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Code14: ViroPower contributes to concentration and productivity

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Mark Rouwhorst Mark Rouwhorst

In recent months, the importance of collaboration has become more apparent than ever. In a company like CODE14, where creative people come up with solutions for their customers, working from home seemed like a relatively small task.

Everything was fine in terms of infrastructure, and the IT department already does almost everything on their computer anyway. Theoretically, we thought working remotely would not have any problems.

However, that wasn't the case. Colleagues indicated that they lacked information that they usually received just by going to the next cubicle.

Moreover, the main disadvantage was that the creative processes, which would come forth in brainstorming sessions and creative gatherings, now has decreased. For this reason, CODE14 set out on how to bring colleagues together in a safe environment.

Research quickly showed that improving indoor air quality could improve concentration levels, productivity and decrease absenteeism.

However, in the Covid-19 time era, another topic became more urgent, contamination risk. To continue guaranteeing the quality of service our customers are accustomed to, we had to decrease that risk.

Thankfully, we found a solution, a UVC air purifier. Research also showed that these devices effectively kill viruses and bacteria and thus dramatically reduce the chance of contamination. In addition, the HEPA filter ensures that pollen and other particles are filtered out of the air, improving indoor air quality.

Our choice ultimately fell on the ViroPower, which we can use in meeting rooms and other common areas. Not only does it provide the benefits mentioned above, but colleagues also indicated that they felt safe to come back to the office.