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Servion Groep

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Mark Rouwhorst Mark Rouwhorst

The Servion Groep is a collaboration of several specialists in the financial field. By merging as one company, they can provide the best advice for their clients in the areas of mortgages, insurance and pensions.

Not only are they looking at financial solutions, but they are also actively thinking about managing risks. One of the current risks that companies are struggling with is sick leave due to Covid-19. Not only their own employees can become ill, but they can also pose a threat to their environment.

To reduce the risk of coronavirus infections, Servion Groep has decided to pay serious attention to air quality. This was achieved with an air purifier, that actively kills viruses and bacteria and keeps contamination levels down. Because appointments are sometimes also physically necessary, the consultation rooms are equipped with ViroPower.

Martijn Materek, co-owner of the Servion Groep: Even though working from home is the norm for us; many customers still want to meet face-to-face. The financial matters that have to be arranged are so vital to them that they appreciate direct, personal contact. Because we want to be there for all our customers, we've decided made additional measures to secure the safety of both the customer and employees.

The ViroPower is perfect for use in all areas where it's needed due to its extensive range (more than 120m2) and mobility.

We can move the ViroPower in any space where it's needed, thanks to the device's the wheels.