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Topvorm Twente

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The University of Twente's sports centre has one of the most specialised physiotherapy practices in the region. Almost 20 specialist and BIG registered physiotherapists provide treatment here, varying from ultrasound to sports and lifestyle therapy.

The five branches are located in places where young talented people study and work, such as the University of Twente and Saxion Hogeschool. Because of this, there is a close link with science. The clientele ranges from young to old and from athletes to non-athletes.

An example, is the top athlete Haris Vuckic, a former player of FC Twente, who has recovered very successfully after his knee injuries.

Topvorm Twente wants to offer optimal conditions for all its customers. Also, in the COVID-19 era. The ViroPower helps to eliminate viruses and bacteria. For Topvorm Twente, the device has improved the air quality and make it possible for people to come together.

This, in addition to all other measures, reduces the risk and spread of the COVID-19 virus. What's handy though is that the Viropower is mobile and can be put anywhere and is not too big so that it doesn't get in the way. The ViroPower is a practical solution that can be applied well within a physiotherapy practice.

Clean and safe air in all our spaces is essential in our profession