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What’s the difference between ionic and UVC air purifiers?

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Mark Rouwhorst Mark Rouwhorst

Air purifiers have always been around, whether you saw them or not. But ever since 2020, they’ve really taken off and gained popularity. Clean air is a real must to safely allow employees back to the workplace, but also customers. 

There are many ways to purify the air in a room, and especially ionic and UVC air purifiers are popular. But how do you pick the one that’s right for you? Let’s dive into the differences and compare them. 

What do indoor air quality systems (IAQ) do?

There are more IAQ systems out there than just ionic and UVC. But they all have the same objective: making sure the air inside a room is safe. That means they take care of two things:

  • Eliminate particles, germs, and chemicals
  • Take care of unpleasant odors

Why is indoor air quality important?

Bad indoor air quality has an immediate and long-term effect on the people inside the building. Almost immediately, bad air quality can cause things like headaches and dizziness. And if not that, it can definitely be a buzzkill to sit in a stuffy room for eight hours a day. 

But being exposed to bad air quality regularly over an extended period of time, can have more severe consequences, such as respiratory diseases

Moreover, bad ventilation and air quality is a breeding ground for diseases. In a room with poor ventilation, viruses and bacteria can spread faster. Simply cracking a window won’t do the trick.

How do ionic air purifiers work?

One of the ways you can make sure the air in a room is safe, is by installing ionic air purifiers. They let air cycle through the system, while adding an electromagnetic charge to the particles that flow through. 

Those particles make their way back into the room and cycle back to the ionizer, where they are filtered. In essence, it holds on to harmful particles in the air, leaving only clean air to circle around.

How do UVC air purifiers work?

Another system you can use for healthier air, is UVC air purifiers. This works differently from ionic purifiers, in that it doesn’t filter out harmful components — it destroys them.