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Protect vulnerable people

protect vulnerable people

Why vulnerable groups need healthy air

The social importance of coming together
The social importance of coming together

Extra safety for vulnerable people
Extra safety for vulnerable people

Reduce the risk of a virus outbreak
Reduce the risk of a virus outbreak

No expensive adjustments to the infrastructure
No expensive adjustments to the infrastructure


The social importance of coming together

Especially people who are lonely, people who are elderly or people who stay in a nursing home or care home for other reasons, look forward to the moments when they can get together with others or when they are allowed to receive visitors.

The ViroPower is specially designed to bring people together again and to meet again in person. The device is specifically built to be active when people are together in a room and to reduce the chance of mutual contamination. This allows residents, visitors and employees to come together safely again.


Extra safety for vulnerable people

Healthy air is important for everyone. For example, did you know that you "eat" no less than 10 to 13 kilos of air every day? In terms of solid and liquid food, you only consume 3.1 kg.

So we should be a little more critical about the quality of air we breathe. This applies even more to vulnerable people, because they are more sensitive to viruses, bacteria, (fine) dust and allergens. Not only do they get sick more often, but the consequences of breathing polluted air are also more serious and longer-lasting. Clean air for them is therefore of vital importance.

Curious why UVC is most suitable against viruses and bacteria?

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Reduce the risk of a virus outbreak

Many people live together in a care home or nursing home. These people are often elderly, have health problems or are otherwise vulnerable.

It is precisely in a community such as this that it is essential to prevent a virus outbreak from occurring. For this you have to minimize the chance of transferring viruses and bacteria. A UV-C air purifier is an efficient way to do this, because it works exactly when people come together.


No expensive adjustments to the infrastructure

Many care homes and nursing homes are several years old and no longer meet the latest ventilation standards. You also do not always want to open windows, because older and vulnerable people have a weaker health and are therefore more sensitive to a cold.

The ViroPower is an easy-to-install solution that requires no modifications to existing installations. In addition, the wheels and its size make it easy to move to other rooms, where it may be needed even more at that time.

Wondering why other organisations choose ViroPower?

We do this for our employees. They deserve the best and safest conditions to work together.

Stephen van Uhm Van Uhm

We can bring the ViroPower in any space where it's needed, thanks to the device's the wheels.

Martijn Materek Servion Groep

Prevention is better than cure. We keep our people healthy with clean air

Manuela Bijl Arbolink

As a professional football club, we have to lead by example, but we are also in a unique position that we can still participate in matches, despite not having our fans. Seeing the responsibly and trust that the government has in us, we want to go the extra mile in the fight against Covid-19.

Paul van der Kraan FC Twente

The choice ultimately fell on the ViroPower, which we use in various meeting rooms throughout our office.

Jelle Smeijers CODE14

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