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and your colleagues


Benefits for your company

Customers appreciate you

Customers are turned off from areas because of how they smell. An air purifier eliminates the offensive odor.

sick leave
Decreases sick leave

Office spaces are clean, which decreases the chances of infection and sick leave.

Increases trust levels

By adding a disinfection device, you increase the trust in employees for you to keep them safe.

viropower at office

Safety at work

No matter how often you tell your sick employees to stay home or follow the Covid guidelines, there will always be the case of someone still coming to work and contaminating everyone.

Air purifiers come in various sizes, and their uses are limitless. One of them is in improving the indoor air quality of your business. The ViroPower cleans the air you and your employees breathe.

The ViroPower is ideal for any indoor space where people spend a lot of their time, like the workplace. The UVC light inside the ViroPower eliminates viruses, bacteria, and allergens year-round.

Companies with ViroPower

Prevention is better than cure. We keep our people healthy with clean air

Manuela Bijl Arbolink

We can bring the ViroPower in any space where it's needed, thanks to the device's the wheels.

Martijn Materek Servion Groep

Effectively fighting the Covid-19 virus

Martijn Huve Trendata

Collaboration is important to us, especially in these times, where everything must run as safely as possible.

Joran Wiemer Transheroes

We can take the ViroPower to all locations so that we can be safe and healthy, and everywhere we go

Frans Dekker New Imaging

Proven UVC light

Destroys 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, scientifically proven

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ViroPower eliminates 99.9% of viruses and bacteria thanks to six ozone-free UVC lamps

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