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Make collaboration possible again for colleagues and customers

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Safe to come together again
Safe to come together again

Less absenteeism
Less absenteeism

No expensive adjustments
No expensive adjustments

Show good employership
Show good employership


Safe return to the office

With a UVC air purifier you remove viruses and bacteria from the air, precisely at those moments when people are present. This allows you to come together safely again. Colleagues can consult together in person again and visitors come by safely again.

The air purifier is specially designed for indoor spaces up to 300 m3. The HEPA filter removes all particles larger than 0.3 microns. The air passing through the UVC light is filtered, so that viruses cannot hide behind other particles and consequently are completely eliminated in the most effective way.


Reduce absenteeism

Healthy air ensures that the risk of absence due to illness is reduced. Healthy indoor air can reduce absenteeism by up to 25%. A UVC air purifier not only helps against viruses and bacteria, but also against pollen, fine dust and allergens.

Because employees drop out less, you prevent your other colleagues from heavy workload and so increase the reliability of your organization. Have you ever considered the impact of a colleague dropping out within your company?

Advantages of UVC light

Wondering why a UVC air purifier is most effective for your office environment?

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Save costs

Ventilation, air exchange and climate often require tens of thousands of euros in investment. Moreover, it takes months to realize it. The UVC air purifier can be used immediately and can be taken to any room.

The ViroPower is immediately deployable and can be installed without any technical know-how. This ensures that you immediately can experience the benefits, without having to make high investments or make adjustments to your buildings infrastructure.

In addition, the device is easy to move thanks to the wheels, so that it can be used in any room where necessary.


Be a good employer

With a UVC air purifier you take an extra step in keeping your people healthy. You show that the health of your people is important to you and you create the optimal conditions for healthy and safe collaboration.

As an employer, you are undoubtedly familiar with the questions and uncertainties about working and meeting at the office. You can take these signals seriously by taking action on improving air quality. Employees will feel safer and you will do everything you can to avoid downtime and decrease extra hours working from home.

Wondering why other organisations choose ViroPower?

We do this for our employees. They deserve the best and safest conditions to work together.

Stephen van Uhm Van Uhm

We can bring the ViroPower in any space where it's needed, thanks to the device's the wheels.

Martijn Materek Servion Groep

Prevention is better than cure. We keep our people healthy with clean air

Manuela Bijl Arbolink

As a professional football club, we have to lead by example, but we are also in a unique position that we can still participate in matches, despite not having our fans. Seeing the responsibly and trust that the government has in us, we want to go the extra mile in the fight against Covid-19.

Paul van der Kraan FC Twente

The choice ultimately fell on the ViroPower, which we use in various meeting rooms throughout our office.

Jelle Smeijers CODE14

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