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Boston University confirms that UVC light inactivates viruses

Scientific Research
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Mark Rouwhorst Mark Rouwhorst

Microbiology professor Anthony Griffits from Boston University is excited about the research results into UVC light and virus inactivation. They hope this will encourage the development of products that can help limit the spread of Covid-19.

The virus must be exposed to the correct dose of UVC light. An amount of 5 mJ/cm² results in a 99% reduction of the virus in 6 seconds. A more potent dose of 22 mJ/cm² results in a reduction of no less than 99.9999% in 25 seconds.

Consequently, an above-average dose of UVC radiation can completely inactivate the virus, where researchers no longer can detect the virus.

Incidentally, the research was conducted with a 35 watt UVC lamp from Philips, while in the ViroPower has 150 watt.

LED lamps work with a much lower wattage and are therefore less powerful. The study shows that powerful lamps are needed to eliminate viruses and bacteria, such as Covid-19.

Source: Boston University