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The ViroPower is FDA approved

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Leontien Kroeze Leontien Kroeze

In February 2022, ViroPower was notified that the product has been approved by the US FDA. It is classified as a Class I disinfectant medical device.

This required, among other things, that the TÜV tested that the device was safe, that no significant output of UV-C can come into contact with users and that no ozone is produced by the UV-C air purifier.

The CE certificate is also essential. In addition, the quality marks that the producer of the UV-C lamps has is also examined. Another important point is that more than half of the components are of Dutch or EU origin and that few or no Chinese components are used.

This certification, which is a hallmark for both quality and safety, allows the ViroPower to be sold and used in America and Canada.