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Reduce pet allergy symptoms with the use of a HEPA filter

Effectively remove pet allergens from the air for a safe environment

Why an air purifier with a HEPA filter helps against pet dander

Clean air reduces allergy symptoms

Purified air leads to fewer symptoms of illness

Captures 99.9% of dust particles (including pet dander)

Reduce absenteeism due to illness


What is pet dander?

To make it simple: Pet dander is a shed skin particle from cats and dogs that can cause a pet allergy in susceptible individuals.

Pets, like people, shed their dead skin cells. These can get into your eyes, nose, mouth, throat and cause irritation. There was a misconception that people's allergies were caused by the hair and fur of pets, but more often than not the cause of the problem is pet dander.

Pet dander and other pet allergens may linger in the air for a longer time than other allergens. This is because they are microscopic and jagged in shape.

Besides dander, people with pet allergies can also be allergic to the proteins that are present in pet saliva, urine and feces.


What are the consequences of these dander particles?

Most of the time, pets can be found in someone's home. In some cases, companies have to deal with an office dog (or cat). Even if you do not own a pet yourself, dander can easily be transferred by clothing or through the air breathed in by other people who have been around pets.

Animal dander usually causes sneezing, a stuffy or runny nose, hives, itchy or watery eyes. In worst cases, people experience shortness of breath or signs of asthma. This can result in people feeling uncomfortable and calling in sick.

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What works best to counteract these symptoms?

Do you have colleagues that suffer from an allergic reaction to pet dander? Usually keeping clothes and your direct environment clean works, but even the most rigorous cleaning actions will not remove all pet dander. They still float around in the air.

This is where the air cleaner comes into play. It ensures that the air is clean and remains free of dust (including pet dander). Air purifiers with a HEPA filter have an air cleaning effect of 99.9%. The ViroPower has a HEPA 13 filter. This is one of the highest classes in terms of blocking small (dust)particles.

The ViroPower, therefore, makes your environment free of skin flakes, so you no longer suffer from symptoms of a pet allergy.




Why HEPA filters can help

Originally developed for space travel, HEPA is now also used in air cleaners to filter pollution from the outside air. HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air. The HEPA 13 filter stops all dust particles larger than 0,1 micrometre (µm) with filtration between 99.95% and 99.75%.

As a result, the HEPA filter removes a wide range of airborne contaminants such as coarse and fine dust, smoke components, mould, viruses, bacteria, aerosols, pollen, and house dust mite allergens.

With the HEPA filter, these complaints are considerably reduced or even solved!

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