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Provide relief from hay fever and other allergies

Purified air without pollen and allergens significantly reduces allergic reactions.

Why a UVC air purifier is essential in the fight against pollen and allergens

Purified air gives relief from allergies

Nicer working climate and increase in productivity

Purified air increases immune system

Reduce absenteeism due to illness


How do pollen and allergens spread?

Hay fever is an allergy. If you suffer from hay fever, you are sensitive to pollen from certain trees, plants and grasses.

The complaints arise when you get the pollen in your trachea, throat, mouth, nose or eyes. If you suffer from hay fever, your body thinks that some harmless substances, such as pollen, are harmful to your body. So the immune system goes to work fighting this in the same way it does when it is fighting germs, therefore you will get similar symptoms.

Pollen are spread through the air. This mainly happens outside, but many people can also suffer from it inside. Pollen grains are microscopic with an average diameter of 0.025 millimetres.


What are the consequences of allergies for your company?

Due to the size of the pollen, which averages 0.025 millimetres, it is hardly noticeable that it is present in your office. Yet it is a major culprit in terms of absenteeism.

More than 1 million people suffer from hay fever in the Netherlands alone. Research by Mediq Pharmacy has shown that hay fever leads to as many as 490,000 sick days per year. This study dates back to the pre-corona era, so it is safe to assume that the number of absences will now be even higher.

People are now reporting sick earlier as a precaution to prevent them from infecting colleagues. Because hay fever symptoms and allergies are very similar to COVID-19, employees are extra careful. Therefore, your company must do everything possible to prevent such complaints.

Curious why UVC light is most effective against pollen and allergens?

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What is the best solution to give relief from allergies?

Do you have colleagues that suffer from hay fever? An air purifier is the most effective way to give relief. Simply because an air purifier ensures that the air indoors remains pure and clean.

Please do make sure that you select an air purifier with a HEPA filter. A HEPA filter filters dust, pollen, allergens, dust mites and odors from the air and retains them in the HEPA filter.

Plus, pay close attention to the classification of the filter. The higher the class, the more particles are stopped. The ViroPower HEPA filter for example is class 13, which is one of the highest in terms of the retention of small particles. Though, at the same time this HEPA filter has sufficient passage to be able to clean locations up to approximately 300 m3.

The air purifier makes your work environment pollen-free, so that you and your colleagues no longer suffer from allergy symptoms.

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Why UVC light also helps against allergies

The ViroPower is unique because it has both a HEPA filter and UVC light. This serves two different purposes, which complement each other excellently, also in relation to hay fever and allergies.

The HEPA filter is primarily aimed at filtering pollen and allergens. This ensures that your nose, eyes and respiratory tract will come less into contact with pollen, so significantly reduces the chance of a reaction of the immune system. This reduces allergy symptoms and therefore also absenteeism.

The UVC light on the other hand eliminates viruses and bacteria. This improves your immune system, making you less sensitive to hay fever and other allergies.

Curious how ViroPower provides relief from hay fever and other allergies?

We do this for our employees. They deserve the best and safest conditions to work together.

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We can bring the ViroPower in any space where it's needed, thanks to the device's the wheels.

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Prevention is better than cure. We keep our people healthy with clean air

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As a professional football club, we have to lead by example, but we are also in a unique position that we can still participate in matches, despite not having our fans. Seeing the responsibly and trust that the government has in us, we want to go the extra mile in the fight against Covid-19.

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The choice ultimately fell on the ViroPower, which we use in various meeting rooms throughout our office.

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